If you’ve been looking for professional commercial cleaning service with a difference in the South East Queensland, SEQ Facility Services is here for you. As trusted commercial cleaning contractors, we have been providing exceptional solutions to businesses from offices to heavy industrial across South East Queensland since 2017, when the company was first established by the existing owners. Being a family-run business, we provide a unique touch when it comes to our suite of solutions. Our commercial cleaners provide a “user-friendly” experience for clients, offering flexibility in arrangements to meet their individual requirements. We put our focus on understanding your workplace, so we can tailor our cleaning services for the best results. It’s our commitment to the client that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Hiring an expert to take care of the hard yards means you know the job will be done to the highest possible standard. As workplaces can quickly become dusty, dirty or unkempt, investing in regular upkeep allows our staff to remain productive, inspired and even healthy (no one likes germs).
But this is also about more than just dusting here and there or keeping organised; expert cleaners have the know-how and best practice processes in place to ensure your office environment remains well present and hygienic on a consistent basis.
Best of all, they do this on your business’s downtime, so there’s no disruption to your operations.