Professional Upholstery Cleaning Across Ipswich And Eight Mile Plains

Do you have dirty upholsteries that requires a thorough and proficient cleaning? Think no further than SEQ Facility Services. We offer premium upholstery cleaning solutions across Ipswich and Eight Mile Plains for an effective result!

Prompt and reliable upholstery cleaning across Ipswich and Eight Mile Plains

If you have kids or pets and are constantly visited by your friend and family, you will find that the upholstery furniture is getting dirty and stained. With daily or regular use, your furniture accumulates lot of dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains and blemishes that does not go away with a simple cleaning. If the fabrics are soft or delicate and requires extra care and attention to get the stubborn stains and dirt removed, you should call for a professional like us to get the cleaning chore taken care off, if you do not want the materials to be ruined. \At SEQ, we provide highly experienced and expert professionals to provide you with a safe and clean upholstery cleaning solution that leaves you with a healthy and allergen free cleaning solution safe for children and pets. Our cleaning solution is effective enough to clean the deepest of stains yet gentle enough to keep your items protected from the risks of damages.

Thorough and detailed cleaning for a squeaky clean upholstery

With our help, restore the look of your couch and make it appear as new as before. Our expert furniture cleaning protection services includes:

  • Deep cleaning solutions for your delicate upholstery materials
  • Effective and reliable fabric protection services
  • Trusted professionals with skills and experiences to deliver effective results
  • Services delivered with eco-friendly solutions
  • Premium services available at a cost-effective rate
  • Allergen free mattresses and upholstery
  • Upholstery cleaning delivered with the utmost care and attention

Feel free to contact us for quality cleaning solutions

SEQ Facility Services offer expert same day couch cleaning, sofa steam cleaning, leather lounge cleaning and protection. Besides that, we also offer effective upholstery stain and mould removal services with stain spot pre-treatment services to leave your upholstery completely stain free without any damage to the fabrics.

If you are looking for a quality upholstery cleaning service across Ipswich and Eight Mile Plains, feel free to contact us now! We are available 24/7 to meet your needs!