Upholstery Cleaning Specialists in Kenmore, Indooroopilly, Taringa and Chapel Hill

Do you have stained and unclean upholsters? Need them cleaned thoroughly? Come to us! We are the finest upholstery cleaning specialists you can get across Kenmore, Indooroopilly, Taringa and Chapel Hill? Contact SEQ Facility Services for softer, shiner and cleaner upholstery.

SEQ is a reputed cleaning service provider specialising in upholstery and carpet cleaning at a very cost-effective rate. Operating for many years, we have gathered the necessary skills, experience and knowledge needed to deliver the perfect cleaning finish that you are looking for.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Specialists in Kenmore, Indooroopilly, Taringa and Chapel Hill

Our team of proficient cleaning specialists are expert at every aspects of cleaning. We regularly clean lounges, mattresses, chairs, car interiors and many more.
Whether its leather, mattresses, fabric cleaning, upholstery scotch guard, baby cot mattresses, dining chairs or outdoor living upholstery, our upholstery cleaning specialists will cover every task with proficiency.
With our experience, technical expertise and advanced and best-rated cleaning equipment in the industry, we can remove all kinds of soils and stains built-up that have been there for a long time.

Affordable and reliable upholstery cleaning specialists to meet your needs

All upholstery items receive plenty of attention every day. From guests, to family members, and employees in an office setting, everyone is sitting, spilling and using it. The stubborn stains and grease can make a permanent stain if it is not removed on time.
If your home has children and pets the furniture are bound to get stained and dirty while being filled with pet hair and allergens. All these casualties encourage bacteria, moulds and fungus to grow while spreading diseases all over the house.
We offer high-quality cleaning to get rid of any stubborn stains and allergens from your upholstery leaving it looking good and fresh. If you need professional and reliable upholstery cleaning specialists across Kenmore, Indooroopilly, Taringa, Chapel Hill contact us immediately!