4 Ways to Save Money on Carpet Cleaning in Kenmore

Carpets easily attract dust, debris and other allergens that slowly settle down deep inside the fibres and become very difficult to be removed. Additionally, uncleaned stains and foods too can slowly sink inside the carpet fibres and ruin the fabrics, spreading bad odours alongside attracting bacteria and moulds and fungus. These carpet issues if left to persist can slowly ruin your carpet leaving you with expensive cleaning and maintenance costs.

However, if you are a little cautious and careful, you can easily save plenty on your carpet cleaning expenses across Kenmore. So, what steps can you take to lower your overall cleaning costs and make your life as easy as possible?

Vacuum Often

Vacuuming on a regular basis can help you extend the time between cleanings by a long margin. Every day, dirt gets ground into the carpet fibres, if it is not removed as quickly as possible, the particles will settle down deep inside the fabrics, making it difficult to remove the dusts with simple vacuuming. However, regular vacuuming will prevent such issues and you will be able to draw as much dirt away from the carpet as possible, reducing the needs for professional cleaning in the process.

Try Spot Cleaning

At times, your carpets will only be dirty in a few spots. Clean those areas as quickly as possible and you can easily bide some time before carrying out the full professional carpet cleaning. Just take some water and mix it up with some non-aromatic detergents and drip the stains and blot it up with plain white paper towels.

Enforce a No-Shoes Policy

Footwear brings dirt and debris that can be easily prevented with a no shoe policy at home. Just put a shoe shelf outside the home entrance and ask the visitors to leave them there before entering. Your carpet is now safe from unnecessary cleanings, saving your plenty of money. Even the shoes are harder on the fibre too as the carpet will not wear out that easily.

Use Mats and Runners

Dirt usually acts like small blades when it’s gets inside your carpet. It starts to scratch and cut through the carpet fibre. This slowly shortens the lifespan of your carpet and makes it necessary to clean more frequently.

One of the most effective ways to prevent lots of dirt from reaching the carpet is by having mats and rugs inside and outside of your home entrances. You can also introduce runners where there is a heavy load of foot traffic.

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